Actual Customer Testimonials

Nicole Z - Dec 2014

I had several items that needed to be cleaned, Tim handled easch one, all looks great!

Sarah & Eric D - Dec 2014

Another great job on our carpets, Thanks!

Allan M - Nov 2014

Had Tim back again this year to do some rugs and upholstery. Great Job! 

Cheri B - Oct 2014 

WOW, great job on my carpet. Thanks for getting out those tough stains, I thought they would never come out. Thanks again! 

Brad & Lisa M - Oct 2014

Did another great job on cleaning us up for the holidays, thanks for always being there! 

Rob & Ruthanne R - Sept 2014

We had so many tile and grout issues to clean and repair and Tim cleaned and fixed all of them, you did a great job. 

Ozzy - Sept 2014

Tim did an AWESOME job on our shop, carpets like great!

Tim M - Aug 2014

Tim did a great job on pressure washing our buildings, good for another season. Thanks Tim 

Admire M - July 2014

Grout looks fantastic, Tim repaired all our cracked and missing grout. WOW looks great!

Tracy E - July 2014

Tim did a great job on my sofa and recliner. 

George S - June 2014

Tim sealed our grout in our new home, helped point out all repairs and issues for correction before we moved in, Thanks Tim! 

Steve B - May 2014

We made a good decision to hire Tim to redo our shower, look new, clean, fresh and shiny.

Kathy K - May 2014

Our grout looks brand new, great job!

Jim B - April 2014

We had Tim clean our resale home before we moved in. He cleaned everything, tile, carpet, and wood floors. They all look great!

Bob M - Mar 2014

Tim did such a good job on our home we had him clean our business as well. Great Job! Thanks Tim!

Karen - Mar 2014

Wow! Floors look great!  Tim did the whole house, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, total 11 rooms in all the whole house looks great! Especailly the kitchen, just saved us a ton of money. Now I can buy that new oven I have been waiting for. Thanks Tim great job!

Dustin T - Feb 2014

Carpets and rugs look great, Thanks!

Jack - Jan 2014

Our floors look great! Customers noticed as well, Thanks! 

Janet D - Dec 2013

Wow my carpet and sitting chair look great. Didn't think it would look this good again, Thanks! You are a money saver for sure.

Carol - Nov 2013

The floors look very good and ready for the holidays. Thanks for cleanin our carpets and tile!

Rachael D  - Oct 2013 

Fantastic job on my tile and grout. The color seal looks great!

Mary H  - Sept 2013

My carpets look like new again! 

Mark B - Aug 2013

I had Tim clean my clients tile and grout. He was blown away at the difference. Great job! Definitely using your company in the future! Thanks!

Lou - July 2013

Tim did our facility just in time for our yearly open house. Floors look fabulous! Thanks!

Sal - June 2013

I was in a pinch and needed some carpeting cleaned right away. Tim worked me in, with a fair price and completed the work on time. Thanks man, carpeting looks great!

Diane - June 2013

Wasn't quit sure at first but then seen a great difference in my floors. Tim cleaned and sealed my floors and I have recommended him to all my friends. Thanks Tim! Also had him do some additional work for me.

Lanny E - May 2013

All I can say is, WOW! What a difference! Love the work you did, floors look brand new. We have been here for 7 years. Thanks!

Brian & Karen - April 2013

Tim got the pet stains out of our new rug. He also did the kitchen tile. Both look fantastic! Thanks Bro!

Pam L - Mar 2013

Got all the stains out of my carpet, especially in the kids rooms. Looks good.

Kelly P - Mar 2013

Tim did a great job on our carpeting, with kids it's tough. See you again in about 6 months. Thanks.

Gayle S - Feb 2013

After having several tiles replaced, we noticed a big difference between the new and old grout and tile. Tim came in and restored our old tile and grout. Now everything looks new on our 13 year old floor. Thanks Tim!

Henry P - Feb 2013

I found TNT Cleaning Solutions on the BBB website. He lived up to his rating for sure. Great Job, my wife loves it.

Robert/Nicole - Jan 2013

We had Tim redo ours floors, because the previous company left our floors dirty and only cleaned "the dirty part". Tim was able to not only clean up their mess, but cleaned the entire floor, not just patches.  This made everything look uniform and beautiful.

Tom - Jan 2013

Tim always does a frantasic job on my floors everytime. I love it and my customers love it, too.

Brett C - Jan 2013

Did a great job cleaning and sealing our tile floors!

Larry D - Dec 2012

Tim was able to squeeze me in just in time to surprise my wife. WOW! Floors look like new, Fantastic! Recommended to all my friends.

Pam A - Dec 2012

Cleaned our carpets in bedrooms in time for holiday guests. Look fantastic!

Susan W - Nov 2012

I was in a pinch, Tim made it happen. Cleaned carpet in bedrooms and al my tile just before Thanksgiving. Looks great!

Dan B - Nov 2012

TNT got my fixer-upper ready for resale, he did such a good job we had him come to our house to do some work. Great Job!

Dick and Joan - Oct 2012

Tim did a fantastic job on our patio and we invited him back to do our floors. They look amazing, just like new!

Lisa - NOV 9,2011
Thank you for doing such a great job! Floors look really good. What a difference. I definitely recommend!

Teresa - NOV 10, 2011
Amazing job, WOW! Looks like brand new flooring. Thanks for doing a great job. I will definitely use you again.

Chris - 3/05/2012
Love what you did for our shower and floors. Terrific job! Thanks!

Mike HH - 3/08/2012
The place has never been this clean. Awesome job!

Brad - 4/12/2012
The carpet looks much better and the smell is gone, Thanks!

Tim M - 4/22/2012
Both my carpet and tile was in rough shape. TNT did and awesome job! the carpet looks brand new and this is a bachalor pad. Highly recommend!